A Proactive Team Approach

We believe that a coordinated effort among your advisors, such as your estate planning attorney, investment advisor, family office manager, and CPA helps ensure that your insurance plan is professionally orchestrated, integrated and implemented. In the process of working with us, you will learn that having all of the advisors working from the same playbook is a key part of our philosophy and results in:


Making sure your advisory team is on the same page with recommendations prior to implementation facilitates better decisions.

By having the support and buy-in of your entire advisory team, more data will be available to enable better decisions.

Better results are achieved through better decisions, integrated recommendations, and coordinated support by the advisory team.

Technical Resources For Advisors

A large portion of our business is dedicated to serving as an independent and confidential resource for other advisors to address their high net worth clients’ insurance planning needs. Services can be provided behind the scenes through your firm or via direct client interface—on a case-by-case basis. Simply put, our goal is to add to your credibility—through technical intelligence and comprehensive resources—delivered objectively, promptly and thoroughly. Several of the processes and services we provide to other advisors include:

Forensic review and analysis of life insurance contracts, illustrations and pricing decisions

Evaluation of insurance company strength and performance

Insurance policy monitoring and management so that policy performance and benefits remain on track and continue to meet the client’s objectives

Identification of life settlement costs, benefits, and options

Second opinion underwriting consulting to help avoid the risk of being denied coverage or the surprise of receiving a premium offer significantly higher than planned

Private briefings for attorneys and accountants on insurance industry issues to assist with advisor due diligence

Services for Attorneys and Law Firms

When developing and implementing complex wealth transfer strategies for clients, we place high importance on coordinating our efforts with legal advisors to provide insight during the execution of legal documents that impact the client’s plan. We also proactively involve legal advisors in our process of developing and implementing planning strategies for clients in areas such as:

  • Estate Planning including inter-generational issues
  • Business Succession Planning
  • Life Insurance and other Risk Management Planning Techniques
  • Premium Financing
  • Asset Protection Strategies
  • Income, Estate and Gift Tax Planning
  • Special Needs and Elder Care Planning
  • Charitable Planning Strategies


Our communication and coordination with attorneys are enhanced by the presence on our professional staff of R. Marshall Jones, a non-practicing attorney with more than 35 years of estate and insurance planning experience, and Sharon Cooper Lindsey, an attorney with 15 years of charitable and estate planning experience.

Services for CPAs and Accounting Firms


Many of our planning strategies include tax-sensitive issues. As a result, we place high importance on coordinating our efforts with CPAs to provide insight into areas impacting clients’ tax and estate planning issues.

Through our many years of partnering with CPAs, we understand the importance of objectivity, confidentiality, transparency and competency for the engagement in our working relationship. As a result, we are regularly called upon by CPAs to provide resources and technical support. As with attorneys, our practice is to proactively involve CPAs in the process of developing and implementing strategies for clients. These areas may involve:

  • Business Succession Planning
  • Estate Tax and Liquidity Planning
  • Life Insurance Tax Issues
  • Premium Financing
  • Complex Insurance Structures
  • Buy-Sell and Split Dollar Arrangements