Many professional advisors are aware of the strength and integrity of our strategic partner, M Financial Group. However, several key factors make our M Financial membership highly relevant to high net worth individuals and families.

Elite pool of insureds
The collective clientele of M Financial is both wealthier and healthier. Insurance companies price products based on risk. The lower the risk, the better the pricing. In addition, M Financial has the only credible three-decade database of statistics on affluent policy holders. When insurance companies feel more confident in their risk assessment, pricing is positively affected.

Inforce Management
It is a little known fact that insurance companies have the authority to change the internal expenses of your clients’ policies post-purchase. M Financial works with carriers to monitor the treatment of M proprietary in-force policies. M’s commitment to in-force management provides real value to policyholders. Since 1996, this has resulted in more than $50 million in lower policy charges for Member Firm clients, and more than $150 million of future savings on a present value basis.